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Qualify leads and free up your sales team with our direct response quotation system for Manufacturing companies that rely on 3D input.

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Are slow response times costing you revenue?

Quick response time is key to winning up to 50% of new business. Overloading your sales team is not the answer.

Email ping-pong is wasting time

Stop manually qualifying leads through emails only to find out they're not a fit.
Waste of time and resources
Increasing the response time on other leads

Code-heavy quoting platform

Don't get stuck with inflexible solutions that require coding for setup, limiting your ability to adapt and missing essential features.
Time/cost intensive to set up
Lack of customization without intensive coding
Slow, because of self hosting

Qualify more leads with instant responses

By providing an instant response to the most important question that most leads have - "how much does it cost?" - you can quickly show what your business has to offer and pre-qualify leads before even making initial contact.

When a lead is received, it comes packed with rich information, which can increase your chances of closing the deal. Moreover, offering an instant PDF quotation for download can further improve your chances of converting the lead into a customer.

Our Plans

This platform offers solutions for businesses of all sizes. If you need to upgrade or downgrade your subscription, you can easily do so starting from the following month.

Our free trial provides a great opportunity to experience firsthand how our AI Quoter can benefit your business.


Best for single manufacturing businesses, 1 quoter configuration


Inquire Starter Pack


Up to 3 quoter configurations, incl. slicing & price computation


Inquire Advanced Pack


Up to 5 quoter configurations, incl. slicing & price computation


Inquire Pro Pack


You won't get elsewhere




Amount of quoters
Storage per quoter
Fully customizable
Geolocation features
Quote PDF automation
Notification automation
Instant quotation
Slicing & support structure

Simple. Powerful. Reliable.

Customers choose us because we provide a flexible, user-friendly, and dependable solution, backed by a customer support team that prioritizes their success.

24x7 Online

100% Guarantee

Low Latency

Unlimited Users

Powerful Infrastructure

Feature-rich Dashboard


99.95% uptime

How reliable is your server? Major downtimes?

We're utilizing cutting-edge cloud computing technology to make sure that your customers can access the quote module 24/7. Amazon guarantees a minimum uptime of 99.95%.

I don't have to use any paypal gateway, but my existing structure

Our platform only allows customers to submit quote requests; there is no checkout feature available. This decision was made for a couple of reasons:

1. It gives you the opportunity to review the project details and pricing before making a commitment.

2. Third-party payment gateways, such as PayPal, charge fees that cut into your margins. Additionally, not all customers, particularly those in the B2B space, are willing to use them.

Can I set my company information and state specific taxes for the quote?

We offer a high level of customization, enabling you to label tax rates according to your preference and apply the corresponding percentage. In addition, you can set your company information in the platform settings.

If you would like to use different tax rates and company information based on your customers' location, please get in touch with us directly.

Will it work on my website?

Our AI Quoter can be embedded on any website through an iframe, whether it's a Shopify store, WordPress site, or custom HTML page. If you're not sure how to set it up on your own, you can check out our tutorial or get in touch with us directly. One of our experts will assist you in configuring it correctly.

Is the subscription flexible? I don't want to commit for a full year

At our company, one of our core values is to offer our customers maximum flexibility. You can cancel your subscription at any time if you are no longer satisfied with our product.

On the other hand, if you enjoy using our product and want to save on costs, we also offer an annual plan option.

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