7x lead qualification for 3D printing companies

Direct response quotation system for 3D printing companies that qualifies leads without changing your sales process while freeing up your sales team.

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Get ahead of competitors

Don’t lose revenue due to slow responding

Not slow and steady wins the customer, the first vendor to respond wins up to 50% of the business. Pushing your overloaded sales team to respond faster isn’t the solution here.

Email ping-pong is wasting time

Manually qualifying a lead through emails to find out it isn’t a fit.
Waste of time and resources
Increasing the response time on other leads

Code-heavy quoting platform

Nonflexible solutions that require coding to set them up, often become hard to adapt and miss core features.
Time/cost intensive to set up
Lack of customization without intensive coding
Slow, because of self hosting

Qualify more leads with instant responses

Give an instant response to the most important question of most leads: how much does it cost? 
Show what your business has to offer and pre-qualify leads before even the first contact. Once you receive a lead, it is packed with rich information.
Increase your chances with offering an instant PDF quotation to download.

Dashboard - Customize your services

The system allows flexibility and a high level of customization. 
Additional features and settings help you to prequalify leads. Avoid leads from spam emails or regions you can't service.

Quoting platform - easy to navigate

Easy to navigate platform with plenty of options for your leads. You decide how much the lead can configure.

Instant quote - ready to download

The price calculation spits out a price within seconds, thanks to cloud computing. In addition, the lead can download a PDF quote with your company details & local tax rate.

Work the leads - efficiently

Have your team work and manage the leads in the most effective way. With changeable status, filters and comments.

Analytics and overview

No excel can track all those lead and sales information. Take a look the the analytics to identify trends and improve your leads even further.

Our Plans

There is something for each business size, if you need to up or downgrade, just change the subscription next month. The free trial includes all features.


All features as in free trial
12 GB


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All features as in Starter
25 GB


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All features as in Advanced
50 GB


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You won't get elsewhere

Regular Form

3DPrint Lite

AI Quoter

Contact Function
3D Viewer
Direct Price estimation
Direct Quotation PDF
No-coding implementation
Management Platform
Secondary Processes
Geolocation Features
Available on every website system

Simple. Powerful. Reliable.

Customers choose us because they get a flexible, simple and reliable solution, with support that cares about customer success.

24x7 Online

100% Guarantee

Low Latency

Unlimited user

Powerfull Infrastructure

Feature-rich dashboard


99.95% uptime

How reliable is your server? Major downtimes?

We are using state-of-the-art cloud computing to ensure that your customer can access the quoting module at any time. At least 99.95% is guaranteed from Amazon.

I don't have to use any paypal gateway, but my existing structure

Customers can only send requests and not directly pay. This is due to several reasons:
1. It can create false expectations of the customer. You will have less trouble if you give the customer a quick email in case there are still questions from either site
2. Paypal and other gateways take away margins and not every customer (especially B2B) are willing to use them

If you really want it to be possible, please contact us directly.

Can I set my company information and state specific taxes for the quote?

Our customization efforts allow you to name a tax rate as you wish and use the percentage applicable. Company information can be set in settings. If you prefer to use different company information and tax rates based on the location of your customer, please contact us directly.  

Will it work on my website?

The AI Quoter works on any website, as it is bound through an iframe. No matter if Shopify, WordPress, or custom HTML. If you are unsure how to do it yourself, check out our tutorial or contact us directly. An expert will then help you to set it up correctly.

Is the subscription flexible? I don't want to commit for a full year

It is one of our core values to provide maximum flexibility to our customers. You can cancel anytime, as soon as you are not satisfied with our product anymore.
In case you like our product, you can save some costs with an annual plan.

Ready to Get Started?

Take full advantage of our free trial version and see how it improves your lead conversion and project management within your company.
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